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From 1890 till 1936 the Company was run by the Founder and from 1936 till 1984 the Company was administered by the illustrious son of the Founder: KHAN BAHADUR SHEIKH DOST MOHAMMAD FAIZ, in whose tenure the branches of Faiz And Sons were opened in Tehran in 1944 and in Karachi in 1945.

The Zahidan Office was run by his younger brother, Sheikh Sher Mohammad Faiz and the Karachi Office by his son-in-law: SHEIKH GHULAM MOHAMMAD FAIZ, who in 1955 obtained the Clearing Agents Licence No: 57 in Karachi. we pride ourselves in having in-depth expertise in customs law and procedure pertaining to international trade and transportation of goods through air, sea and land.

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Welcome to FAIZ & SONS Custom Clearance Solution, the premier solution for managing all your shipments seamlessly. Specializing in customs clearance, we ensure your goods move smoothly across borders without delays or complications.

Our experienced team handles all the paperwork, compliance checks, and regulatory requirements, so you can focus on your business. With real-time tracking, competitive rates, and exceptional customer support.

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Air Freight

Effective customs clearance in air freight is crucial to avoid delays and additional costs.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight involves the transportation of goods via ships across international waters.

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Road Freight

Road freight refers to the transportation of goods via trucks or lorries over land.

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Train Freight

Train freight involves the transportation of goods via railway.

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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process of handling documentation and compliance.

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Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse solutions refer to services designed to efficiently manage the storage.etc

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We Are Trusted Logistics Company Since 1979

Worldwide Service

Providing worldwide customs clearance services to ensure seamless import and export operations across international borders.

On Time Delivery

Guaranteeing on-time delivery for your shipments, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Telephone Support

Offering 24-hour telephone support for immediate assistance and peace of mind throughout your logistics operations.

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